May 24, 2024

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Delta 2023: Why Olorogun David Edevbie is Most Qualified and Best Preferred

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By Anthonia N. Okwuolise

“Governors have to be creative, talk and make decisions in public. They should do things on their own without always the support of others. ” -Jeb Bush.

This quote speaks volume in personality of David Edevbie, the governorship asparant of people’s Democratic party in Delta state.

Delta youths’ desire for development and good governance is what an erudite financial intelligence administrator, Edevbie, represents: a born leader who is primed to administer the affairs of the Delta state in a progressive manner that will be unprecedented in the annals of the state.

Here is a man of impeccable character who has used his virtues and talents to contribute immensely to the development of the state from the regime of Chief James Ibori to Sen. Okowa’s administration.

He served as Commissioner of Finance in both Ibori and Okowa’s administrations, and then served as Chief of Staff in Okowa’s regime. Not to forget that he also served as the Principal Secretary for the late President Umar Yar’ Adua.

Can any man who has a questionable character be given such an opportunity to serve the state and the nation?

To underscore his competence, pedigree in service and trust they have in him, David Edevbie had been endorsed by so many, and anointed by his people, the Urhobo progressive Union (UPU).

The real task of governance is all about knowledge, competence and capacity to raise resources for the development of the people, and the state. In whatever you do, people are watching and observing. People have been watching and observing Edevbie.

The truth is that Edevbie wide acceptance and endorsement are because he stands out as the best, most experienced and qualified candidate for the job. If you could recall the Commonwealth Development Corporation assignment given to him, he took charge of their development in Malaysia, India, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and other Nation across the World.

Edevbie competency, intelligence and proactive disposition to issues made the late President Umaru Musa Ya’adua to appoint him to serve as his Principal Secretary, a position got on account of his proven integrity and versatility in his approach to issues.

In the course of his duties, David as a Principal Secretary, proved to be a man of his people by working out the successful Presidential Amnesty programme which helped to put a stop to militancy and other criminal activities in Niger Delta Region. He promoted education, created a way of training youths on skill acquisition to better their lives.

He went further to restore Nigeria’s oil production output which ensured Nigeria hasn’t collapsed today. He fought for the creation of Niger Delta Ministry Affairs which some of the sons and daughters of Niger Deltans are enjoying presently.

The foregoing is why Deltans should give him a chance to demonstrate all what he had promised during his decleration, because the best leaders are those who understand that their power flow through them, not from them. Deltans need someone who is versed in knowledge, well educated, exposed, inteligent, charismatic, proactive to issues confident, and a visionary leader who will attract massive development to the state.

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