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Kwo Nation Bestowed Chieftaincy Title On Governor Lalong

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By Daniel Agada, Jos

Plateau State Governor and Chairman Northern Governors Forum, Simon Lalong has been bestowed with the chieftain title of the Patwarang (The Emancipator) of Kwo Chiefdom of Qua’an Pan Local Government Area of the state.

The bestowment was announced by the Long Kwo HRH Miskoom Fidelis Longtoe Attahiru I on Friday October 29, 2021 during the appointments of his Shaatlong (Council Chiefs) at the Palace of Long Kwo in Kwande.

Miskoom Attahiru I, who described Governor Lalong as “a dogged fighter and defender of the common man, someone who understands and value the roles of the traditional institution by ensuring the occupation of most vacant stools,” said it was the policy of the Governor that saw to the emergence of a Long Kwo after about 33 years in limbo.

“I have the honour and privilege to bestow on His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong, the Executive Governor of Plateau State and Chairman Northern Governors Forum, the title of the PATWARANG (The Emancipator) of Kwo land”, for emancipating the chiefdom, the Long Kwo announced to a cheering gathering.

Speaking on the appointments of Council Chiefs, the Long Kwo said the positions though very important for palace affairs and governance of the Chiefdom; they are PRO BONO SERVICES since they are not salaries.

He congratulated the appointees and tasked the occupants of the various positions to work assiduously using their resources with pride in the service of their father land.

Miskoom Attahiru I informed his people that the appointment of Shaatlong is a continuous one, stressing that all those deserving acknowledgment with titles would be identified and duly recognized.

” Ours is a progressive customary administration on the “move”. All gold fish will be ferreted out from their hiding places.”

The 27th Long Kwo disclosed that the date of his first outing and thanksgiving ceremony once finalized would be communicated appropriately.

He then announced the appointments of about Fifty Two (52) Council Chiefs, among them are Miskoom (Dr) Mairiga B. Baamshal as Kurgui (Ubangarin Kwande); Miskoom Edmond N. Attahiru as Faan 2 (Chiroma 2); Miskoom Sir Alex Sanda Jibrin, Kanai Long Kwo; Miskoom Ignatius Likita Laankwap, Kawap; Miskoom Christopher Maiyaki, Wei Long (Waziri); Miskoom Henry Lankwap, Shinbu; Miskoom Ambassador Martin Adamu, Marafa;
Miskoom Thomas Goetep Muopshin, Kumbur, Miskoom Carolus Gurumyen, Nihen; Miskoom Usman Wakili, Longluutuk Kabas (Sarkin Kasuwan Kabas); Lasual Leo Nshe, Longjapsual (Youth Leader). and Miskoom Stephen Sarki Musa, Long Gwai, Information Minister.

Responding, Governor Lalong thanked the people of Kwo Chiefdom for finding him worthy of the position and promised to ensure that all vacant stools in the state are occupied.

The Governor, who was represented by the Director General (DG) of the Industrial Training Fund, (ITF) and the Kurnajam ( Defense Minister) of Kwo Chiefdom, Sir Joseph Ari, urged all the appointees to discharge their duties with diligence and patriotism.

The Kurnajam who also spoke on behalf of the Council Chiefs and title holders, called on the new recipients to be dedicated to their responsibilities, adding that theirs is call to service to the people and humanity.

Miskoom Ari charged them to hit the ground running, urging them to exhibit high degree of loyalty to constituted authority.

The occasion was attended by Chairmen of Qua’an Pan, Shendam, Mikang, Langtang South and Wase Local Government Councils, traditional rulers from Quaan Pan and Shendam, esteemed guests from within and outside Plateau State, sons and daughters of Kwo Chiefdom, including the Deputy Chairperson of Qua’an – Pan Local Government Council.

The event, aimed at strengthening his cabinet is the third in the series of appointments made by Miskoom Attahiru I since he assumed office as the 27th Long Kwo.

In the first exercise held on June 26, 2021 His Royal Highness appointed the Nuwang, Goena, Goebou, Kurumboi, Soeman and Goena Goe Kong. During the same ceremony he also confirmed three kingmakers, namely Long Puuk, Dangvuet and Longbakwa, as well as those of the Niyu and Kawo. Two other Kingmakers were appointed to fill the vacant positions of Katoon and Kanglu. The Magajan, Long Kwo was also named on that occasion.

As a way of appreciating sons and daughters of the land who distinguished themselves in public service and have continued to assist the people of the land, the following children of Kwo Chiefdom were honoured with respective titles in recognition of their contributions to the land during the June 26, 2021 ceremony.

They include Miskoom Godfrey Bawa Shitgurum, Dua’am Long (Jaagaban) Kwo; Miskoom (Sir) Joseph Ari, Kurnajam Long (Defence Minister) Kwo; Nna Elizabeth Wapmuk , Mialap (Zinariya) Long; Miskoom (Prof) Sebastian Maimako, Long’aan (Dan Masani); Miskoom Fabian Ntung, Gwa’at Long (Garkuwa); Miskoom (Prof) Garba Sharubutu, Long Ma’ar (Sarkin Noma); Miskoom (Prof) Theodore B. Maiyaki, Longshal (Sarkin Yaki) and Miskoom Paschal Mammo Esq, Longshep Yill Kwo (Chief Judge of Kwo land).

As time went on, other title holders/Chiefs and Heads of sections of several spheres of activity of the governance of the land were subsequently either confirmed or appointed and have since assumed duties.

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