May 24, 2024

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Unemployed Graduates, Mockery to Giant of Africa —Ajaero

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By Marcel Duru Owerri

Public Affairs Analyst Sir Andrew Ajaero has said that unemployed Graduates in Nigeria is a mockery to the nation that called it self giant of Africa.

Speaking with journalists at Onitsha Nweorie Ezinihitte Mbaise, Imo State recently, he stated that one of the major tragedies facing the survival of Nigeria is the none utilization of available human resources for the benefit of society.

Stressing that this constitutes a major problem in the administration of scarce resources where the status quo reign supreme.

Ajaero projected that billions and trillions in all forms of currencies owned by stupendously oil rich Nigeria, University graduates are abandoned
without employment after finding them worthy in character and learning.

Are we to believe that Nigeria has no money to pay employees when the whistle blowing policy of the Federal Government is discovering stray millions and trillions of naira abandoned in hidden places and Gee Pee tanks to the detriment of the society ever groaning under the weight of man made suffering?

“As many remain unemployed for years after service, they start wandering why all the waste of time in the University for certificate that can not make them employable,they resort to dubious ways to achieve greatness, typical scenario of giant of Africa”

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