May 24, 2024

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UGM Scenario is a Self Creation in Imo —Chief Anayo

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By Marcel Duru,

A public Analyst based in Imo State, Chief Anayo Chukwu has revealed that unknown gunmen scenario in Imo State has political undertone, and self creation
Speaking with journalists at Rock View Hotel Okigwe road Owerri, Imo State recently he questioned why
IMO state is having a peculiar security challenge?
Orlu zone the most insecure part in this state, and
Why are more disastrous cases taking place in Oru/Orsu/Orlu Federal Constituency?

He disclosed that IPOB’s leader is from Abia State.
IPOB’S high command is in Ananbra state. The operational headquarters of IPOB is in Enugu State.
Emma Powerful, Kambiri, Kiriboro, and most top commanders of IPOB are not indigenes of IMO.

Chukwu further stated that the concept of Unknown Gunmen is unknown prior to the governor Hope Uzodimma”s involvement of the military in IMO State.

“Inspite of the massive budgets on security in the last six months ( over one thousand vehicles were purchased, hitec military, and security hardwares were procured) by IMO State government, the State remains the most unsafe in the entire Southern Nigeria.
What is IMO state’s business with IPOB? Assuming but not conceding to the fact that unknown gunmen is the creation of IPOB, was there any justification in the invocation of the military to the security situation in IMO state?

He disclosed that Initially, we were told that the sponsors of the terrorists are known. Till date, nobody has been arrested over the razing of the prisons and the Police head quarters!

The initial response of the govt gave rise to the current ugly situation we are living in.

Governor Hope Uzodimma retreated to Abuja, and came back with a brigade.
And this brigade has not been delivering the expected results.

“Blaming political opponents for the security collapses underscores the thinking that this government lacks direction.
I am beginning to believe that this government is very comfortable with the unpredictable, shaky and indeterminate condition of the State. Today, growth and development have been paused. Nobody has time to demand for accountability. Nothing serious is happening in IMO State. Friends of the government are quick to remind whoever talks loud that the governor has never, since his assumption of office, had any peaceful day in office! ( From End SARS to covid 19 to Unknown gunmen)”

“The unknown gunmen scenario is a self creation. This should not provide excuse for non performance, IMO people are suffering.
House of Assembly is in limbo,
State Executive Council is on negative handle, dead!
Civil service structure is on life support. The state is on reverse gear!
Nobody demands accountability from a government under State of emergency”

He highlighted that the State and Local Government allocations have not stopping tripping into Owerri, and stopping on the table of Governor.

“Who checks? Who probes? Everybody is panicking. Self survival first. And as we live in fear, our’ resources are in deposits”

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