May 24, 2024

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APC Followers Destroy Membership Cards In Imo State

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By Marcel Duru Owerri

Staunch members of All Progressive Congress (APC) numbering over Two thousand from Awomamma, Oru-East Local Government Area of Imo State have destroyed their memberships cards.

Speaking with journalists at Awomamma over the weekend,one of the members of APC who gave his name as Chief Echefu J. S said that the members of his camp destroyed their membership cards because they have seen the party as terrorist party, leading by vampires who suck the blood of innocent Nigerian on daily basis.

He disclosed that APC operates in secret documents which many Nigerians did not know, adding that they have perfected clandestine plan to decimate the population of South East in particular and the Nigeria in general, stressing that what is happening in South East, North East and other geopolitical zones of Nigeria had justified his earlier allegations.

“How will I be happy to be a member of a political party whose political dividend is to inflict wounds, killing of innocent and unsuspecting civilians, destroying youth which is the future of Hope Nigeria, destroying properties of its people, burning houses of the people, and also stage Managing insecurity in the country through the law enforcement agents “

Recently, security agents on November 23, 2021 embarked on indiscriminate burning of residential and business premises which includes market places, supermarkets, medicine store, including apartments for indigent people in Awomamma, Oru-East local Governmentl Area of Imo State.

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